how to buy Stellar Coin in India (STR/USD) or (XLM/USD)


Well, I’m in the Cryptocurrency market since early 2017 and had bought 3 ETH, i,e Ethereum Coin the one which was known to be top 2 cryptocurrency before it was replaced by a centralized cryptocurrency Ripple.Each ETH at that time had costed me just $19 that is Rs.1540/- each coin and today the same ETH is being traded at $980 that is Rs.80,000/- and in December 2017 it happened to see the new challenging crypto coin that is ripple and stellar, I retained 1 ETH and Sold 2 ETH and invested 1 ETH in Stellar and with another 1 ETH I bought Ripple and today if I sell both the crypto coins I am able to buy 10 ETH that is Rs.8,00,000/- in just 15 days   . We all by this time have already bought ripple (XRP) which is easily available in indian crypto exchanges but to my surprise no exchanges have so far supported Stellar which is currently in the top 10 list sitting at No.9 slot to replace the other cryptocurencies as its decentralized crypto coin which follows the basic rule that of Bitcoin . Stellar shares the same features that ripple claims but the very basic major difference in ripple coin and stellar coin is ripple is centralized crypto coin and stellar is decentralized one . having said that its quit obvious that the crypto investors will be having more faith compared to ripple and since ripple story is already known to the crypto world the next big thing is to bet on stellar and stay invested .

here I’m writing to you about how you can buy stellar coin in india as no indian crypto exchanges are supporting this coin :

Step 1: Buy Bitcoin that is BTC from any of the exchanges in India , I strongly recommend zebpay or localbitcoin .

step 2 : open an account in poloniex

Step 3: Get your Crypto Exhange at poloniex verified with Aadhar card or any other ID

Step 4: Now since you have got verified and got your account ready fund BTC, Go to your indian crypto exchange where you bought BTC and withdraw BTC and deposit it in your poloniex account.

step 5 : Look for STR (Stellar) in Poloniex Exchange tab and buy STR with BTC .

Though the process is little costly and troublesome its still worth taking pain to stay invested in stellar and cash in the profits to Bitcoin and in turn when you want to withdraw Stellar just reverse the process . Sell STR to BTC and Withdraw bitcoin to your indian crypto exchange and the rest process you already through with it .

The Important fact : at the time of writing all the Crypto Coins other than that of bitcoin are in red that is including Stellar and it was being traded at 0.53 $ that is just Rs.35/- for an indian to stay invested and its predicted that stellar is going to tough $1 very soon and has a potential to grow upto $100 this month end as it has been signed up by IBM to implement international money transactions which could make the banks to transfer money from one country to other country in just 2-5 secs .