Top Real Estate Bloggers in India, The Home Buyers in India must follow


Top Real Estate Bloggers in India.

Every person thinks very well before purchasing any property. Nowadays real estate bloggers and companies have taken blogging about the property as their own responsibility. You can get the best advises in their own website now. You are able to see every detail about that particular property you are thinking to buy. The details include the age, location, size and other details of the property. It gives a great knowledge to the customers about their properties. Showing off themselves will help the companies to get good name in the market. Here is a list of top real estate bloggers in India whom every home buyer must follow before buying a property .

  1. Farhan Rasheed.

Farhan Rasheed is from Bangalore who has enormous experience in real estate as an experienced digital marketing professional and also as a real estate blogger. His blog “Internet of Blog” provides you all the details you need while buying a property anywhere in India. His blogs give you many ideas about how clever you can be while purchasing a property. You will get tips about market rates and future value of the house or land you are planning to own. You can follow the real estate blogger to get timely notifications about change in laws or orders related to real estate.

  1. Property Bytes.

Property Bytes give you entire details about properties in metro cities. When you want to buy or sell any property, you can know how valuable it is easily by Property Bytes. You will also get to know proper housing tips, recent news etc. through their official blog. India Property company holds this blog and maintains it.

  1. Common Floor.

A website which lets buyers and sellers to interact with each other to know well about the property also takes a responsibility of informing his customers, readers and followers about the recent happenings in the field of real estate. You can easily buy, sell or rent a house or property through You will get enough assistance by the company customer services too.

  1. Magic Bricks News.

At Magic Bricks, you can find blogs about property to buy or sell across India. You can know every positive and negatives of an asset. It works as your personal consultant. You are also able to receive real estate news, tips and advises through the blogs published. Even décor ideas are published to help followers in choosing one for their existing property.

  1. Housing News.

In recent days is a most popular and informative real estate blog. Here you can look at the property details like their case studies, tips, market values etc. you can compare the value of a property over the period of time. It guides you where and when to buy property. If there are any concessions or drop in the property rates, they inform you. In addition to all this, you will also get décor ideas for your existing property.

Note: The above five real estate blogger websites are a must read for every home buyer in India before they end up buying a property .